Collection ID: NMMBOL000655
Scientific Name: Hemigymnus fasciatus
Author: (Bloch, 1792)
Family: F412  Labridae
Collect Date: 2008-09-18
Location Donggang
Longitude: 120.43
Latitude: 22.47 
Coordinate Uncertainty 1000 M
Fish Length: 217.72 mm TL
Otolith Length: 3.67 mm
Contributor: C.W. Chang

 Shape triangular with slightly convex medial face and flat lateral face. Dorsal depression shallow. Dorsal margin entire and ventral margin slightly serrate. Tapering, rounded at posterior margin. Sulcus ostial, deep. Ostium flared and cauda flared, bulbous postero-ventrally. Colliculum low. Collum wall-like. Crista superior and crista inferior well-developed. Neck dorso-ventrally constricted. Rostrum short, rounded. Excisura wide. Notch shallow, angle wide.

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